A millimeter that made a difference

Why prescribe a brand when there are 199 other exactly similar options available?

Yet another calcium + vitamin D brand for pregnant and lactating women!?!

With over 200 generics and combinations the Indian pharma market is already flooded, which left us we were wondering what exactly can we do to make Glenmark’s Milical OD3 stand apart?

After throwing all our first rough ideas into trash, we brainstormed; we did RND and we noticed that the size of the tablet was really one of the few smallest we had seen.

So we measured it. Actually took a vernier caliper and measured it.

Just 19 millimetres. That’s small we thought!

What was the brand name again? ,asked our creative visualiser.

Milical, someone said almost angrily.

Milli for millimeters??? she asked innocently.

There was a millisecond of silence in the room, till we all screamed. 

Milical – Just 19 millimeters 

The brand name Milical also established a deep connection with our thought.

We thought that we have almost nailed but the tough part was yet to come. You just can’t throw the number at your TG and impress their minds with it. To consume something like a drug needs to have a human connect.

We decided to appeal to them by emphasizing on how little things bring great joys to life. A little smile, a little appreciation and a small thing can make every life beautiful.

We devised an idea by using a Milical tablet itself as our core concept and we created little beautiful things around it; which has strong emotional connect in human life. We sum up the thought with a comparison chart with some of other competitors.


Whenever you introduce human connect to a brand your chances to win the campaign gets double.

And if you are pitching for a healthcare clients then human connect is your key for success.

No wonder we bagged the account.

The Client was impressed with our unique approach and said 3 milli words to our Synapse team – “I like it”.

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