A KRIS that gave a Creative twist

The problem:

CRISIL, an organisation best known for its precise ratings, research and analysis when approached Synapse for a creative twist to its induction program, we knew we had to give them simply the best.
CRISIL being a number driven organisation, there was very less to do on the creative front. Most of its functions required the employees to be focused and follow strict protocols the whole serious work environment lead to a very intimidating impact on the employees. The HR suspected it to be a serious concern and that’s when Synapse came in the picture.
For an employee, the induction session is an hour full of boredom and endless presentation and speeches. What we needed to do is to give a creative zest to it so that the induction induces a new zeal of life in the employees, who have a preconceived notion about the place being stern and solemn in its approach.

The solution:

We wanted to break this monotony and give it a SYNAPTASTIC feel. We shared this thought with our creative team and all of us began to pour in our thoughts and ideas. The notion was not just to make the entire induction program more employee friendly but to make it more interactive so that each employee could connect better with the organisation.

As, they say you are as creative as the child in you thus, on a similar thought we began introspecting. What intrigued us as a child? The answer was “animation”. It took us down the memory lane and we realized that we are brought up with reading comic books. In fact, reading comics was an integral part of almost everyone’s growing up and that is where our mascot “KRIS” was born.

Kris started a phenomenon and took care of the induction campaign with ease, hovering around from the start to the finish and left a lasting impression on the new enrolment of the Crisilites at CRISIL. Synapse managed to break the mould of CRISIL and from an intimidating firm became an inviting one.


The outcome:

This marked a new dawn in CRISIL’s chapter and another award in our kitty. We bagged the association of business leader award in 2010.

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