The campaign that changed the game

“Lobate” is a brand by Nicholas Piramal, when they approached Synapse all they needed was an effective campaign that sediments their presence in the market, which was largely dominated by the giants in the industry. In an unsexy world of marketing where itching and scratching creams have always taken a conventional route by the marketers, and go in for the effective fast relief campaigns; we thought differently. We saw a problem with this line of thought and realised that we could also be one of the “me too” players in this category.

To change this we needed a brave campaign and a braver client. Thus, we seized the opportunity to experiment and place our bet on “Lobate”. Our medical team started research with full force along with the creative team. While doing so, we came across an article that stated that scratching can be dangerous and can have an effect in the long run that could include scars and also, passing of germs if not taken care of. There we found our creative concept that was about to set a tone in healthcare advertising. The idea was scratching can be dangerous and if ignored can be disastrous.

Various methods were evaluated to reach the audience effectively and clearly. A humorous route was chosen, taking slice of life instances in typical rural setups, like crowded trains, families on a single motor bike, or a festival called “Govinda” that marks the birth of lord Krishna. The Simple idea that we communicated in various languages was that something as simple and minor like, “Scratching, could be dangerous”.  This marked the onset of a campaign that lays the foundation of a new wave of creative marketing in medical advertising in India.

This campaign ran for more than a year with over 25,000 posters printed and displayed at pharmacies. This resulted in fetching Synapse a global award at the New York festival, a first for an Indian agency, and to be featured along with other American healthcare agencies.  As they say, hard work always pays off and if it pays with an award, it only gets better. This embarked the arrival of a new kind of marketing and set a tone for a brave new advertising in the healthcare domain. Today, Lobate GM is a successful brand, showing growth in every quarter, including the rural markets. The Lobate campaign is still remembered as a very innovative one and formed a pathway for new and brave style of advertising that can stand the test of time.

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