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Discoveries Behind The Mic:
8 Insights From Co-Hosting A Podcast

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Here are a few wonderful things I learned while co-hosting a talk show

  1. Having an idea is not enough 💡
    The idea to do a talk show was Ajits. The thought was to get entrepreneurs to know ASCENT and get more enrollments into this powerhouse group. But having an idea is not enough. You need to execute the idea. Everyone has ideas, its what you do with it that matters. I learnt the power of execution from Ajit.
  2. The market for podcasts is huge 📳
    While we were at it, I explored the world of podcasts. There are so many good ones, and the popularity is just increasing. If you’re thinking of starting one, well there still is a big bus to catch and its still waiting at the station.
  3. My time is my time.
    Every Friday, for 1 year, at 11am we showed up. LIVE (mostly). It needed discipline. 2023 was a tough on me. Too may health issues, work demanded my time, and my team needed me a lot more. But somehow I found the time to do this. Sooner or later, everyone knew that these 45 minutes were my time and I should not be disturbed. It made me think that if you want to find time to do something, you can.
  4. Everyone has an interesting story to share 📚
    Each person we interviewed had a wonderful story. Stories of childhood, growing up, education, early work life, strife, calamities, fun, hobbies, relationships, ambitions, ideas… It was overwhelming, inspiring and interesting to learn.
  5. The most underused organ in our body is – The ear 🙉
    Being the talkative person I am, it was difficult to keep quiet for a change and just listen. And then I got used to it. And it was refreshing. I realized how little we listen and how hugely appreciating it is when you listen. One thing we heard all the time was how happy people were to feel heard.
  6. You must have a Plan B & Plan C 🛣
    There are days when things may not go as planned. Internet may let you down. Speakers may cancel last minute. You may fall ill. Flights can be delayed. Lots happens. But having a plan B, and a partner helps, in life and in shows.
  7. Podcasts bring Business 📈
    A lot of our guests informed us that the show got them visibility, popularity, improved their brand image and some of them even expressed that they got contracts because of it. It proved that brand building brings ROI.
  8. You can get mini famous 📸
    Oh this was the good part. People started recognizing us. We got feedback from strangers saying they saw our show, and some even said they saw each and every episode. Wow what a feeling that was.

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