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AI in Artistry: Healthcare's Next Frontier in Creative Innovation

Many years back we at Synapse were briefed on a brand of a cough syrup which contained natural ingredients like honey, neem and turmeric. I had an idea called “Made by nature’s little scientists”, and wanted to show an ant, a bee and a squirrel making the syrup. I always thought it was a cute idea.

Back then we approached an illustrator to make this for us, but for some reason we couldn’t get the look right. We then dropped the idea.

Few days back, I signed up for #midjourney. Midjourney is an AI tool that accepts inputs from text to create original images.

I rendered these visuals below in minutes. The question is, what’s next for creative folks. I think it’s two things.

  1. Creativity will never die. Coming up with the idea will still be a human thing (for a while :p). AI will empower creative people to think wild, without boundaries and limitations of time, budget and options.

  2. Finishing. Knowing the conventional design softwares to finalise the work will still be needed. Placing the content, copy, logos, packs etc.

There are two kinds of people who can survive now.

The thinkers and the executors. There is no place for mediocrity now. You either go on top of the food chain or below it.

Exciting times ahead not just for healthcare and pharmaceutical marketing and creativity, and at Synapse we are excited.

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