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Connection in Disconnection: Humanizing Technical Hiccups

What do you do when your laptop doesn’t connect to the screen?
No, this is not a technical DIY post.

The nature of my work takes me to multiple conference rooms to present our work, our credentials or sometimes even speak at events etc. With new devices, tech and security measures in place, we inevitably have trouble connecting the laptop to the screen.

According to me this is a golden opportunity to connect to the client in a positive way.

I use this time to speak to them about ourselves, crack a joke on how I am technically challenged, ask them about where they are from, ask them about their work travels, hear stories about the office culture, events and work.

Sometimes conversations have moved to how Apple is not compatible with the office IT infrastructure, and then the debate over iOS, Android and Windows.

I tell them how tech savvy kids are these days, and how difficult it is for us to figure simple cables. They then go on to tell me about their kids, and talk about screen time being an issue. Soon I get to know them personally, their families. We then go on to discuss their schooling and college etc. All this and so much more has happened just because the HDMI port was giving me trouble.

So remember, the next time the devices don’t connect, use it to create a real human connection.

Oh, and yes, call IT to figure out the tech. They are the real saviors.

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