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Fashioning Wellness: Healthcare Brands Redefine Fashion with Purpose

While working on the content of a seminar I was conducting on “Integrated Marketing for Healthcare Brands”, I stumbled upon the work of Mucinex, a cold and flu brand, and their collection of clothes, titled – ‘SickWear’.

We have seen how fashion brands have scaled the marketing, from formal wear, to casual wear, Friday dressing, weekend wear, airport looks.
We have Ranveer Singh talking about #CelebrationWear, and IDEE the sunglasses brand with a campaign called #Famewear.

I’m still wondering how no one think of this earlier, Sickwear.

Mucinex didn’t just make this a marketing gimmick. It was a well thought, well designed, well promoted and even well sold on eCommerce sites and a legit revenue making product. They collaborated with fashion designers, models, influencers and many more to make this a success at award shows.

It made me think, why should it stop there? So many healthcare and pharma brands can adopt this model to create experiences for their doctors and patients.


  • Eyewear for patients with glaucoma.
  • Footwear for patients to prevent Gout/ Diabetic neuropathy
  • Headgear for patients using hair growth solutions
  • Back support chairs for patients with osteoporosis
  • Pillows for patients with neck issues

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