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JEET: Creative Sparks that Transcend Borders in Healthcare Marketing

20 years ago, on World Tuberculosis Day, we launched a campaign of what is one of my proudest moments in my advertising career- JEET.

Novartis had invited multiple agencies to present their ideas on creating a mass level campaign on TB, and we knew this was a big one, so we had worked hard to give it our best shot.

We had spent three weeks of late nights, brainstorming, execution of lots of ideas and deep level strategies.

Imagine our surprise when we walked into the room, and saw that most of the members in the client team were not Indians.

And here we were, with a campaign in “Hindi”.

JEET- Joint Effort to Eradicate Tuberculosis.

Now, that’s the thing about creativity.
It cuts through languages, borders, cultures and barriers.

A week later we were awarded the creative duties to what was one of the biggest drives against TB, a life threatening disease in India (even today)

Today 20 years later, the same campaign name is run with a small tweak in the name “Joint Effort to Eliminate Tuberculosis” by William J. Clinton Foundation (WJCF) in India, working closely with Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI).

(Not claiming any credit or creating any controversy here)

Just plain happy that somewhere, someday an Indian was saved from this deadly disease and I played a very very tiny part in it.

JEET– This was the campaign that gave birth to my passion for “Creativity with a Cause” and also fired my fuel to dedicate a large part of my life to healthcare marketing.

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