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Fueling Future Marketers: Embracing Change, Trends, and Passion

What do future marketers need to hear from Industry professionals?

  1. The future is YOU.
  2. If you haven’t signed up for a career that is dynamic and demanding, think again.
  3. Everything changes. Environments, Rules, Medias, Platforms, People, Challenges, and your boss’s/clients demands!
  4. Some things don’t change. Learning. Passion. Values. Ethics.
  5. The ultimate combination today is to have Strong Fundamentals mixed with Super use of current Trends.

What they “don’t” need to hear?

I was recently invited as the Chief Guest for the Inauguration Ceremony of the Post Graduate Program in Media and Entertainment, at WeSchool, and was asked to address almost 100 budding marketeers on the emerging trends in marketing. While my experience has been mainly in healthcare and pharmaceutical marketing, I did share the examples of brands we have worked on in other industries also.

Now, a few minutes before the talk, I had to cut short my talk from 45 mins to just 15 mins. I decided to skip 80% of my content and just give a motivational speech to charge them up for their coming months.

I guess “Last minute” is my superpower, and not just mine, but everyone at Synapse is tuned to dig into this when time is crucial. That’s what it takes to build the best healthcare and pharmaceutical creative marketing agency.

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