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Mastering Social Media Growth: The EPIC Strategy for Building an Engaged Online Presence

Is your personal, company, or brand’s social media handle stuck between 500-5000 followers?

Here’s how we at Synapse, a leading healthcare and pharmaceutical marketing agency scaled up many social media presence with our proprietary “The EPIC Social Media Plan” (including my own personal handles)

Social media is changing fast and it needs strategies and approaches that adapt to the landscape.

For those with aspirations to grow socially, you need to define the vision. What is it that you want from your handle?

Keep those Big Hairy Audacious Goals. But it needs to be clear.

Based on our experience, we devised the EPIC social media strategy deck which has worked for a lot of our clients. (As usual, I like to make it easy to understand and remember using an acronym)



Stop thinking of social media using the “Spray and Pray” method.

Ask yourself…

Are your posts really post-worthy?

Or are they hygiene posts ‘liked’ only by your friends, family, agency, team, and an account you opened for your pet dog?

What can you do to make your posts worth sharing?

Eg: Go ahead and post real-world activities you do in your business that create news, updates, and progress in your goals.

Stop thinking that marketing means ONLY digital marketing and focus on brand building.

Try and look at social media as a platform to inform your current followers about your brand growth and milestones. Get their Yays! Earn your place. Grow your base. Use the right hashtags. Post regularly.

P- PAID Posts

Social media platforms realised that someone else is earning from their platforms, so they have changed their algorithms to ensure that if anyone is earning- it’s them.
And we have to live with it.

So your paid posts must be making sure that the platform is also working for you.

Paid posts should be well targeted, well written, well designed, and well monitored, analyzed, and optimized. This is where a professional or an agency comes in handy.


What are you doing for short-term and long-term investments in your brand’s social media page?

Short-term investments are educational, engaging, and enlisting posts.

Moment marketing, memes, and many other types of trending posts are short-term investments.

Long-term investments are series posts, talk shows, lives, episodes, hashtag campaigns etc. Brand Properties you own and control.

Both these need to be invested in and in good measure from heavy to light.

Overdoing any of them could be a bad idea, but a good balance is what one must aim for.


Look for collaborations with influencers, communities, and content creators. Try and make sure there is a win-win for both handles. Collaborations are a great way to reach audiences you don’t reach today but would like to.

These are just a few to kickstart to the next level.

The journey to being EPIC is never easy, it is a long-drawn process, and one has to stay in the game. Remember everyone is trying to get there, but only a few will.

One thing for sure, the end is worth it!

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