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Healthcare Marketing is Different! Is it?

“Healthcare and Medical advertising is NO different from marketing any other category of brands”

We have been in marketing and advertising for more than 2 decades now and the golden rule has been that you have ten seconds to get the attention of your customer.

Before we are marketers, brand custodians, business owners or even consumers or customers, we are human beings. Human beings that feel, fail, act, react and behave in ways that are not as per any rulebook.

If we can understand that, then we will overcome the first challenge of any kind of any marketing. Let’s once and for all end this debate of B2B , B2C, B2D (Business to Doctors) and shift our focus to understanding that eventually we are human beings and so is our customer.

So all that matters is what we call Human-to-Human Marketing.


Two human beings communicating with each other.

It doesn’t matter if that human is on the other side of a table, other side of the road, or other side of a screen.

But, what’s is really unique about healthcare marketing is that sometimes you are talking to a customer who knows a lot about the problem, than you do, or knows nothing about you (even after using your brand), or desperately needs your brand and still wont buy it!

A doctor for instance has the highest possible degree on a subject that you are marketing and now you are expected to come out with an out of the box solution to sell a brand in that category.

It could sometimes be a patient who has been using your brand for years together and knows nothing about you.

It could also be a self-net-diagnosed customer who is seeking for a solution for a problem, he doesn’t even have.

Sometimes it could be a customer who knows he needs your brand or service, but refuses to take it even though his life literally depends on it.

If an expensive video game will make a child happy, many people go ahead and buy it without thinking twice, knowing that the joy is just temporary but the same person will deny buying a healthier food brand saying it’s just marketing and one shouldn’t fall for such claims.

There is so much more to healthcare marketing and with 20 years of experience in over 500 healthcare brands, we have seen most of it and yet there is so much to see.

If you are a custodian of a healthcare brand and want your brand to reach the next level, get in touch with Synapse. India’s most respected, healthcare marketing creative agency.

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