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Mastering ePharmacy Advertising: Strategies for Healthcare Success

Advertising on ePharmacies is a rising platform for a lot of healthcare brands. Here’s a starting checklist and our case study.

  • Who is visiting?
  • Why are they there?
  • What do they want to do?
  • How can you take advantage?
  • Where should you be present?
  • Which section should I select?
  • How much should I invest?
  • What ROI should I expect?

The ePharmacy market is still warming up and the audience is wide.

  1.  TG who think that their local chemist is better.
  2. TG who log on to check price, information but don’t buy meds. online.
  3. Ordered once just to experiment.
  4. Order only if not available easily.
  5. Those who use the app loyally.

Yes, slowly there is a rising no. of visitors.

Brands can start to use these platforms to raise awareness and probably expect small results initially.

It’s important to keep the plan deep and the messaging simple.

When it comes to designing the creative, remember that the size of the media’s offered is small, so don’t make it text heavy. There are options for videos, blogs and other innovations etc, one must try these like A/B testing over time.

Create well planned landing pages with proof to support your claims. In case of abandoned carts, re-market thoughtfully.

Learn from your small successes. I have started understanding that I learn more from tiny wins rather than mistakes. These create paths for bigger wins. Learning from mistakes is overrated.

One thing for sure – The early winners will be the early experimenters.

Recently, we were presented with a task by REGROW BIOSCIENCES , for one of their offerings, Ossgrow, indicated for those with AVN (A progressive issue that affects the hip joint).

We were to help them create awareness on ePharmacies about the solution, in patients with hip pain and lead them to an inquiry.

After understanding the audience, the concern area, and many other factors we knew the right media, section, creative and message, all play important parts.

The visitor audience was narrowed down to people with some sort of bone related issue.

We had to get their attention, and tell them that Ossgrow is a solution they should consider if they have/ know someone with Hip Pain.

The message we created was, “Hip-Hip-Hurray!” A revolutionary treatment for patients with “Hip” Pain.

Then, the customer journey was mapped. The landing page needed to have the same message as the first creative. The CTA has to be easy and reinforcing with more proof.

For the ones that clicked but didn’t take action, the remarketing game was strong but not overbearing.

And most importantly we know, you have to stay at it.

Early results show small wins.

It’s strategies and tactics like these that eventually will create a positive shift.

For all kinds of brands, ePharmacies are here to stay, and rise but the local chemist will have to survive and will fight this tough.

The dynamics are getting interesting. We at Synapse Marketing Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. have our ears close to the ground.

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