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The 3 Keys to Creative Excellence: Reflections on WILL, SKILL, DRILL

Another waste of a training session, I thought.

After an internal training program for our team on how to think, act and behave creatively, I was disheartened to not see the the results we were expecting.

Thats when I pranced upon my friend, and industry expert, Vikram Munshi’s book: Find your Whitespace.

It’s a short read. I finished it in 2-3 hours. The synopsis is simple. To reach any goal in life, you need to follow the rule of

  1. WILL
  2. SKILL
  3. DRILL

And that’s when it struck me, just building Skill is not good enough. You need to build will, and you need to follow up with the right Drill.

So the training program was not just about 1 way communication and building skill, but about ensuring the other 2 factors are met also.

To understand this clearly please buy the book. It’s available on Amazon. It’s not a book which is all gyan but real life relatable stories.

Thank you Vikram. For opening your heart and opening our minds.

To buy the book, order yours on Amazon.

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