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How to make the content viral?

1. Moment Marketing

The first time I went viral was when social media didn’t exist and neither did the word. I was at a peace protest after the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai at the Taj Hotel holding up a placard. The next day an email compilation of the best signages was doing the rounds and I got hundreds of calls and emails, of people who spotted me in that mail. We called them ‘forwards’ then. A classic case of Promptness or moment marketing back then.

Promptness could be as lame as people posting about the first rain or snowfall of the season, and as relevant as an important stock market update. Breaking news was built on this very phenomenon. Brands that create remarkable content and launched on a particular relevant day see huge traction when it comes to shareability.

2. Humor

What you share on social media is actually a reflection of what you want to be perceived as to the world. And everyone likes to be perceived as funny.

A sense of humor is one of things women look for in a man.
Humor along with promptness is a super combination and always seem to work. See Amul. They’ve got it right since forever and it’s been years and it still works.

3. Clever

No matter where we come from, what our education is or what our background is, we love being perceived as clever.

Clever, intelligent, street smart, influential, leader, expert these terms are aspirational and once in a while, on particular platforms we would love to be seen in that light. I am guilty of having promoted myself multiple times, either of my public talks, seminars, thoughts and sometimes industry level wit. All screaming for attention and trying to show that I am “someone”. Ok don’t judge, we all do.

Clever content in the form of business articles, stories, DIYs, tips and tricks, information, and updates are sharable and do brilliantly for people looking to elevate their careers and position in the society to show their viewpoint.

4. Beauty

Beauty is in the eyes or minds of the beholder and beautiful content has always had potential for share-ability and has its own share of audience too.

Beautiful interiors, beautiful places you’d want to visit, beautiful stories, beautiful fashion, beautiful art, beautiful and cute dogs and cats and beautiful people.

5. Emotional Content

This is a genuine one. No matter how tough we portray ourselves, we all have a soft side. Men like been perceived as emotional and women love sharing teary stuff. Advertising and brand building has always betted on this one.

6. Whats in it for them?

Ive seen a low hanging fruit to make contet go viral is giveaways. Giving something for free always works. Not discounted. Free.

7. Shareable

Most importantly asked yourself, would you share this?

Shareability is the one critical question you should ask yourself if you had to.

If you feel you will share it, then you’ve probably got a lot going in your favour.

Having said that, its all a matter of luck….yet.

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