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USP vs UST: Healthcare marketing needs to relook at the age old concept again!

Insight is a very complicated term that actually should be simplified.

Insight is the final piece of the puzzle when put together suddenly makes everything clear. It’s the key to the lock in a maze.

Once you get the insight everything seems obvious.

All your studies, research, sound bytes, learning’s, fall in place. It’s that ‘Aha moment’ you feel in your gut and trust me it’s the most magical feeling a marketer and advertising professional can have. If you are truly blessed, you will know how to recognize that feeling. It’s a moment of triumph. The moment you feel invincible and know that the brand is now yours to win.

Insights lead you to approach what is thought to become the main crux of your brand- USP.

Pick up any marketing book, look up any website on advertising, read any case study of a brand marketing plan and they all scream one acronym- USP.

Unique Selling Proposition.

A term used to help marketers find out what is unique to their brand so they can find a place in their audience’s mind. Fill the need gap. Connect emotionally and give them a reason to buy “your brand” and not anyone else.

USP was a tool we use to pin-point what makes our business unique in a world of homogeneous competitors.

Now once you had the USP right, all you needed to do is create effective communication that sometimes could be humorous, witty, exaggerated, and many other ways.

But we saw an urgent need for Healthcare brands to evolve.

We created a successful shift in this model by tweaking it and making it pertinent in this unique industry where communication needs to be accurate while being creative.

We call it UST.

  • Unique
  • Selling
  • Truth

UST is a concept where marketers need to identify a ‘truth’ about their brand that is unique and help them stand out.

They also need to ensure that the UST can create sales, and motivate people to try and buy their brand.

But most importantly UST needs to be genuinely truthful to the point that they can deliver the promise they make, no matter what the conditions are- every time and to every stakeholder.

Let’s take a few examples.
We were working with Zydus Cadila’s Acute Care Division and they had a range of Pain management brands.

The range included Nucoxia, a novel pain killer, that was doing exceptionally well. Oxalgin a topical ointment and a Vitamin D supplement that aided faster and longer prevention of the cause of pain and help supplementation.

Synapse studied this carefully, and while each brand had merit on its own, we saw a unique truth that needed to be called out.

Inspite of such good brands, a strong field force, solid trust among doctors and good retail presence, there still were people suffering from pain.

Zydus Cadila was in a position to change this.

We proposed to them not a campaign but a movement.

Noone Deserves Pain

Noone Deserves Pain when we have a range of efficacious brands from tablets, to ointments to supplements.

Noone Deserves Pain when we have a 500 strong motivated field force that works day in and day out to promote the brand to doctors and also ensure that availability is maintained at retailers.

Noone Deserves Pain because we are committed to the cause and work for it with creativity and innovation and most importantly pride.

A UST we identified, that was unique to us, that could create sales and something we could live up to and deliver upon.

It’s not just pharmaceutical brands that could use the concept of UST.

The health bandwagon is something that a lot of brands want to ride on, even fast food chains like Burger King.

A print and video that was released once was that showing a burger covered with mould and fungi. Never in the history of food advertising was this ever done before.

Promptly a tagline came by. Our burgers have no preservatives.

A perfect example of UST.

Burger King identified that if they went and told health conscious mothers, kids and families that their burgers didn’t contain preservatives the guilt that came of eating their burgers.

Of course the world resounded with a huge Yes.

Sales increased. Trust increased. Awards won.

Fast Food Brands – 0
Burger King – 1

In the age of social media, when truth can easily be dug out, UST is where brands need to evolve to.

UST is built on three pillars

  • Ethics
  • Trust
  • Transparency

There should be no way that you don’t deliver on your promise. Even one hole being picked into your truth can take things downhill.

Imagine of a competitor could find that a single preservative was used in their foods and pointed it out starkly, the campaign would come back in the face of Burger King with a huge slap.

Basically, ensure that your UST doesn’t go BUST.
(Ok Bad One #sorrynotsorry)

That’s why identifying your UST needs to be done by experts.

Synapse is proud to be the father of the UST concept and has been identifying, promoting and helping brands grow with trust being the central of their promotions.

As you read along you will see how effectively we used the UST concept with Hospitals, Diagnostics, Consumer Brands, Pharmaceutical Brands and even social causes.

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